My name is Deepak Singh Rawat.

Empty House of Literature is a space created to post my thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers:

  1. Who am I:
    I am a 24-year-old man. I live for aesthetically pleasing things and thought provoking books.
  2. My story:
    My journey as a bibliophile started when I understood the need for aesthetics. Also, out of my interest in cultures & languages.
    During my school days, I never really read for leisure. I was in college when I realized that books make me happier. So, I started to read more often and extensively. The genres I like to read are Poetry, Fiction, Philosophy, Non-fiction (mostly politics and history). 
    In my everyday life, I try to achieve a 60-80 pages goal. I think that’s how I evolved into a better reader. It is amazing how reading helps us to develop new perspectives and even widen our imagination. That’s probably the reason I loved reading in the first place.
    I am glad to have connected with like-minded people through this blog and Bookstagram.
  3. Review Policy:
    Email me at emptyhouseofliterature@gmail.com

Let’s be friends.

I would be glad if you want to spend your time with me 🙂




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